Surprising to see trolley left along Rochor Road -- but wait till you see what's inside

Submitted by Stomper Mr Goh

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A trolley was left by the side of Rochor Road towards Rochor Centre on Saturday (Sep 22) at 5pm. 

Stomper Mr Goh was driving through the heavy traffic when he spotted the trolley on the extreme right side of the road.

As he drove closer, he realised there was an e-scooter in it. 

Mr Goh said: "It is very dangerous to have a trolley on the road, I actually had to filter left of the road suddenly. What's worse is that there was an e-scooter in it!"

The video was taken by Mr Goh at 5.30pm but when he posted it on Facebook, his friend responded saying he had seen the same thing earlier that day at 2pm. 

"Something must be wrong for that trolley to still be there for so many hours." 

One of Mr Goh's concerns was that the batteries that may have been in the e-scooter could have been a safety hazard.

"Batteries should not be discarded in such a manner. There may have been other safety issues that come along with that," he added.