Surely $3.50 chicken rice shouldn't come with just 4 pieces of meat?

Submitted by Stomper Huntington

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Is it inflation or poor business ethics?

That was the question posed by Stomper Huntington, who was left disappointed by the small portion of his chicken rice.

Huntington said he bought a packet of Hainanese chicken rice from a coffee shop stall at Block 146 Potong Pasir Avenue 1 on Tuesday evening (May 30), at around 6.30pm.

He told Stomp: "I paid $3.50 for chicken rice and it came with only four pieces of meat. I did not see it when my food was being packed and only noticed when I got home.

"I know inflation is real, but is it ethical for the quality?"

Moreover, it was not Huntington's first time patronising the stall.

He added: "I can't say exactly how many pieces of meat, but usually there is more and I pay the same price."