Superstar Steven Lim Kor Kor has new GF: "Even pretty girls ask me to be their BF!"

Singapore's beloved internet celebrity Steven Lim has a found a new girlfriend, whose identity he promises to reveal soon.

The 41-year-old social media star had earlier announced his search for "pretty decent ladies" with over $250,000 in their CPF account to marry and buy a condominium with.

Netizens then began tagging their female friends as potential brides in his Oct 25 post.

Well, it looks like Steven Lim might have finally found his happiness, after previous heartbreaks involving "9.5 pointer" girlfriends.

On Nov 4, he posted on Facebook: "Congrats! Based on a True Story. Share this out everyone!

"Yes I may not be Thor but I'm really shocked the pictures turn out like this! Good enough to be in the poster?! They are gorgeous!

"Even pretty girls ask me to be their boyfriend!!!! I can swear by it! Need your wonderful blessing with my new young girlfriend that asked me to be her boyfriend! Will reveal soon!

"Hello... please do not like me because my looks and physique please! Like me because I'm nice, sing well, play the piano and am multi-talented. Ya. Did I tell you also that I am a legit Muay Thai Champion? What happened to my arms!!?????"

Steven Lim also asked anyone who wanted a "gorgeous body" to message him and promised to "make" people into "great shape" if they joined his artiste team.

A picture of him kissing a girl, whose face was censored, accompanied his post.

So... is she The One?

Check out more images of Steven Lim in the gallery above.

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