Superfan pays tribute to beloved SMRT bus captain who will be switching bus service

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A Stomper is appreciative of an SMRT bus captain who has consistently displayed kindness and good service.

The Stomper hopes to express gratitude to the bus captain, who will be transferring to another bus service soon.

He said: "I first met SMRT bus captain Khairulshafiq opposite Admiralty MRT station on September 3, 2021, at 2.30pm. He was driving bus service 904, bus plate number SMB286C.

"This was when bus captain Khairulshafiq was featured on Stomp for the first time for his good service!

"His good service started to go viral on the internet and 8world News got in touch with me to ask if they could publish news articles about bus captain Khairulshafiq’s good service!

"Two weeks after the first Stomp feature, bus captain Khairulshafiq was on Stomp again for his excellent service! After around three weeks, he was featured on Stomp once again for his excellent service!

"Beside getting on Stomp and 8world News, bus captain Khairulshafiq was also recognised on many of the viral pages on Instagram for his excellent service!

"On the first day of 2022,, bus captain Khairulshafiq trended once again for his excellent service!

"His kindness and good service will be missed by all his elderly passengers on bus service 187 as he will be transferring to bus service 67 soon!

"Thank you, bus captain Khairulshafiq, for your contribution towards bus services 187 and 904! Thank you Mr Khairulshafiq for your excellent service! You will definitely be missed for your good effort!

"On behalf of all bus enthusiasts, thank you so much for all the rides and memories in 2021 and 2022!"