Super 'cheapskate' motorist tailgates driver out of CCK gantry without paying for parking

Submitted by Stomper Karhok

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A Toyota driver was caught on camera tailgating another motorist across a carpark gantry along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 yesterday (Oct 25) at 5.43am.

In a video sent by Stomper Karhok, the Toyota driver can first be seen at the side of the road in the carpark several metres behind the gantry.

The motorist who recorded the footage then drove past the Toyota at around the halfway mark of the video. 

A few moments later, the Toyota driver started tailgating the motorist, following him out of the carpark before the gantry arm fell and avoiding parking fees.

Said the Stomper in an email:

"Got money to drive car but no money to pay parking charges."