Stunning sunrise, cool cloud formations and cute otters spotted by Yishun resident

Submitted by Stomper Patrick

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Over the last three days of November, Stomper Patrick captured photos of three interesting sightings at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.

Patrick lives near Yishun MRT Station and cycles to the park every day to practise Qigong with a group of about 20 members at sunrise.

On Nov 28, he started his daily routine and headed to the park.

At about 6.45am, he noticed an interesting cloud formation that he had not seen before.

He told Stomp: "I looked up and saw the clouds spread out in a unique way.

"This is the first time I have seen this type of clouds."

The next day, on Nov 29, he witnessed a beautiful golden and pink skies at sunrise at about 6.50am.

He said: "I looked at the sky and there were rays of sun shining through the clouds.

"My Qigong instructor is a very nice man and enjoyed the view with me and the rest of the group, while encouraging us to take pictures."

Finally, on the last day of November (Nov 30), the Stomper came across cute otters in the reservoir.

According to Patrick, it was about 6.50am when he saw the five otters.

He said: "I think they were a family.

"There were two parents and three children.

"The two parent otters appeared to be significantly bigger, which is why I think they are the parents."

Patrick told Stomp that a cyclist, whom he sees around the area almost every morning, threw a piece of bread to the otters before cycling away.

"The otters were munching on the bread and frolicking in the water.

"This is the first time I have seen otters so up close.

"My friends and I were excited and I could hear them calling the otters cute."

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