Students swear loudly, throw food at one another and leave mess behind at McDonald's Hougang Mall

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Food is for eating, not for playing.

Not everyone got the memo, unfortunately.

Stomper B saw a group of students making a din, playing with their food and leaving a mess behind at the McDonald's outlet at Hougang Mall on December 5, at around 12pm.

B, who said the youths left without cleaning up after themselves, shared photos of the unsightly mess that they had created.

The Stomper recounted: "A group of four to five primary to secondary school-aged youths made a ruckus in McDonald's.

"Not only were they swearing multiple times, one of them also kept going to retrieve ketchup and chilli sauce from the station to throw at their friends and mix into their food.

"After making a mess, the majority of them ran away and left one guy to clean up. They eventually came back for him but then they all left altogether, still leaving this mess behind."

Pictures taken by B show sauces and fries all over the tables, seats and floor of the fast food restaurant. Condiment packets can also be seen on the tables, one of which is stained with pepper in a pool of brown substance.

A McDonald's spokesman declined to comment when contacted by Stomp.

This is not the first time teenagers have drawn flak for messing around with food at McDonald's and dirtying the place.

A viral video in May showed a youth pouring water over himself at McDonald's Punggol Safra, after apparently smashing ice cream into his own face.

One netizen commented in response to the video: "Stupidity have (sic) no cure..."

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