Students inspired to go the extra mile, thanks to teacher's creativity

Getting students to put effort into doing their work is harder than it sounds. However, one teacher from Mee Toh School seems to have found a creative solution to motivate her students.

As part of a video series published by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Ms Ng Bih Huey shares how she came across a lost toy sitting on a classroom shelf, and adopted it as her class’s mascot to teach good manners and habits.

Ms Ng’s students earn stars by putting effort into their homework assignments, such as writing neatly and annotating their work. For every three stars they get, the mascot hands them one Cocodollar, an imaginary currency.

Come Children’s Day, the class sets up small stalls in the classroom where they can exchange their Cocodollars for treats, such as sweets.

The video, posted on MOE’s Facebook page yesterday (Jan 19), has garnered many comments lauding Ms Ng for going the extra mile to make learning enjoyable for her students.

One commenter said:

"Thank you Ms Ng for imparting more than textbooks to our offspring."

Watch the video below.