Students graciously shelter members of public with umbrellas from Woodlands Civic Centre to Causeway Point

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A heavy downpour on Friday morning (Apr 26) left several people stranded at Woodlands Civic Centre.

With no shelter to get to Causeway Point, they were grateful when a group of Riverside Secondary School students graciously offered to ferry them to and fro with their umbrellas.

Stomper Arqass6 was one of those stranded at the centre.

"A lot of us without umbrellas are so thankful to this group of students who sincerely offered their umbrellas and walked to-and-fro, ferrying the people in need of shelter from the rain," he said.

"They were so happy to do it and even said to some of the people to not worry, it's free and that they wanted to help.

"We're so blessed to have these students with kind hearts willing to help.

"Thank you so much, Riverside students.

"I hope you don't catch a cold."