Student with polio forced to eat faeces from toilet bowl by bullies in China school

Netizens were outraged after a student with polio was forced to eat faeces by bullies at a school in China.

According to Shanghaiist, the student was first made to pick up human waste from the toilet bowl with his hands.

The bullies then made him lick his fingers, along with the excrement that was on it.

Images of the shocking incident that took place at Beijing's Yanqing No. 2 Middle School then made its rounds online, leaving netizens infuriated.

Many of them called for harsher punishments to be meted out to the bullies. They would however, probably be left disappointed with the disciplinary actions the school decided to take.

Out of the seven bullies involved, five were given administrative punishments that included demerit points, detentions and 'severe warnings'.

The remaining two students were not formally punished by the school because of their young age.