Student think it's cool to abuse ofo bicycle like that

Submitted by Stomper Erica

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The number of bicycle abuse cases have been on the rise since bike-sharing initiatives were introduced in Singapore.

Stomper Erica came across a student abusing an ofo bike near a block of flats in Bishan yesterday (July 25), between 4pm to 5pm. 

When she got home, her son showed her a video of the same student which had been posted on Instagram. 

Erica forwarded the video to Stomp.

In the video, a group of boys, some of whom were in uniforms, were at a basketball court.

A bespectacled boy then moved the ofo bicycle near a grass patch, and declared, ‘now you break the ofo bike’, before pushing the bike without getting on. 

The riderless bicycle moved a short distance before collapsing on the ground.

Throughout the video, the words, 'breaking OFOFO' were displayed. 

Said Erica:

“It’s very sad to see students abusing these ofo bikes.

“What’s worse, they recorded a video and posted it on Instagram, thinking that it is cool to do so!”