Student in China slashes mum with chopper after being denied Internet access

A high school student in Jiangsu, China attacked his mother with a chopper after she forbade him from using the Internet.

According to, the teenager slashed his mother seven to eight times while she was sleeping in their home garage.

When reporters visited the scene, the garage door was locked. They looked through the window and saw a blood-soaked blanket.

The teenager has since been detained by the police.

His mother was rushed to Nanjing No. 1 Hospital and her life is presently not in danger, though she will require surgery.

She suffered two wounds -- one of which was 20cm-long -- on her neck and several other slashes on her arm.

When reporters visited her at the hospital, they saw that her neck and left arm were wrapped in thick bandages.

Her voice was hoarse and weak, and she declined to speak further about the attack.