Student finds EZ-Link card thanks to kind soul who receives sweet surprise

Submitted by Stomper Alvin

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A Republic Polytechnic student found her EZ-Link card thanks to the kindness of Stomper Alvin who found it at Hougang Avenue 4 yesterday (Mar 17).

Thinking that the girl would want her card back as soon as possible, he turned to Stomp.

"Stomp is the best platform to spread news fast," said Alvin.

Within the same day of the article being published, the student got in touch with Stomp to find out how she could retrieve her EZ-Link card.

"I'm not surprised at all that she responded so fast," Alvin remarked.

Alvin and the student then met at Hougang Mall where she thanked him profusely and passed him a sweet surprise to show her gratefulness.

"She gave me this Toblerone chocolate as a gesture of gratitude," he added.

We're happy this story has a sweet ending.

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