Stop being selfish by blocking wheelchair ramp: Woman shares mum's plight in video

A netizen has taken to social media to hit out at drivers who block strollers and wheelchair-bound individuals by parking at the entry points of ramps.

Facebook user Zai Miztiq recorded a video showing how her mother on a wheelchair was blocked by going onto the road by a taxi that was parked in front of a ramp in a HDB estate.

In the video, Zai slammed the cabby's inconsiderate act and urged other drivers not to do the same.

She said:

"If you are driving, and there's a slope, please excuse your vehicle so that the wheelchair can go or if there is a baby pram, people can pass through.

"Like that, you are blocking people's way and it's very inconsiderate. Because of you, my mum has to walk a bit more.

"It does not matter that she can walk a little, what about those people who have difficulty walking?

"I hope this goes out to the world and please, be considerate. 

"Mind your space and watch your space and be considerate!"

It is unclear where the cabby was at that point of time.