Stompers, you can help us fight fake news

We are all living in the era of fake news and we are seeing a growing number of such stories going viral.

Remember when there were "reports" of local entertainer Hossan Leong dying in a car crash?

Or when there were claims that "dog and cat meat satay" were being sold at this year's Geylang Bazaar?

These stories were made to look and sound legitimate but included wrong information or accounts with no valid support.

Although Hossan Leong and the National Environment Agency (NEA) came out to clarify and correct these allegations, this was only after the posts had gone viral.

These stories are often shared through social media and via messaging services like WhatsApp.

Many online users are prone to believing in fake news especially if it includes information or opinions that are consistent with their personal beliefs, no matter how incorrect or unfounded they are.

This is why the rest of us need to play our part in combatting this phenomenon.

Here is what we can do about it:

  • Don't be too quick to share circulated content just because a video or photo may be shocking or interesting.
  • If the source is dubious, verify first before sharing.
  • Readers play an important role in fighting fake news by reporting misinformation they see on social media.
  • One way to do this is to email¬† when you need to fact-check.

Stomp has also played its role in debunking fake news and false allegations.

Check out how Stomp fights fake news here.