Stompers slam girls caught smoking on bus: "There are consequences to your actions"

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Two girls were caught on video smoking a cigarette on a public bus.

A couple of Stompers alerted Stomp to the footage that has been circulating online after it was posted on social media.

In the video, one of the girls is crouched down in the space in front of a seat smoking a cigarette.

She then passes it to her friend who is seated in the next row.

A timestamp on the video indicates it was posted at 6.45pm. However, it is unclear what date or where exactly this happened.

One Stomper said she recognised the girls who are from the same school as her daughter. She declined to share which school it was.

"This is a warning to young people that you are being watched with everything you do and you have to be responsible.

"There are consequences to your actions."

Another Stomper said: "Smoking indoors is an offence and a crime as it may hurt other people with health problems.

"I hope Stomp shares this to spread awareness so other youngsters will not follow these girls' example."