Stomper's mum who once suffered stroke is not eating -- as her beloved bird of 8 years is missing

Submitted by Stomper Judy

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Stomper Judy is appealing for help in locating her family's beloved cockatoo, which was last seen at Fajar Road Block 439 on July 10.

As a result of the loss, Judy's mother -- who had previously suffered a stroke -- is not eating.

Said the Stomper:

"This cockatoo has been accompanying my mum for eight years and she's not eating as the bird is lost.

"The bird also has an injury on its left leg.

"I hope that people staying around the area can help keep a look out for this bird and return it back to us."

If you have any information about the bird, please email or WhatsApp us at (+65) 9384 3761.

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