Stomper's late father built a Merlion statue in China to express his love for Singapore

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Before Stomper Goh's father passed away, he built a Merlion statue in Suzhou, China, to celebrate where he came from.

The statue was built last year before his father's passing on Dec 14, 2017.

The Goh family told Stomp, "Being located in Suzhou for the past 18 years due to employment, my father has certainly missed but never forgotten his roots, our lovely Singapore."

"Through his passion for creativity and a patriotic lover of his country, he has designed and constructed a steel statue of the Merlion in Suzhou, China," said the family.

Their father had built the statue at a garden just outside a moulding factory where he was working as a General Manager.

Goh's family said, "I still remember there was one day he took a picture oif the Merlion and showed it to me, there and then he was inspired and told me he would get his guys to make this possible."

Their father had subsequently passed away on the same year that the statue was built at the age of 59, due to pancreatic cancer.

When asked to describe what kind of person his father was, the family said:

"Although my father wasn't good at expressing feelings with words, I know he loves us just as much. He worked extremely hard far away from home, to support us and provide us (with) a better life.

"He will always be remembered as someone larger-than-life, warm, generous and a funny friend to all of us."

The family told Stomp that the Merlion pond was built a year ago to make him have the feel of his home while working in a foreign land.

Now that their father has passed on, the Goh family feel that it has to be shared while it is still around.

"This beautiful art piece might be demolished when the new general manager takes over in the company." said the family.

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