Stomper's healthy husband shocked to receive surprise parcel with his name on it: A commode

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Update on July 29:

Shopee has picked up the parcel from the Stomper.

Original article:

A Stomper shared how her family received a parcel they were not expecting.

The mystery parcel was delivered to her home on July 22 and had her husband's name on it.

When they opened the parcel, they were shocked to find it was a commode, a portable toilet typically used in hospitals and elderly care facilities.

It is worth noting that the Stomper's husband is a healthy man in his prime with no physical disabilities.

"My husband did not order this at all," she said.

"We have contacted Shopee but until now, they cannot locate the source and have not collected the parcel from us yet.

"We have a good laugh whenever we tell our friends about it.

"How could such a mistake have been made?

"If it was abalone or bird's next, we wouldn't mind but not this, which is not auspicious at all."