Stomper's blunt advice to 'owner of this vomit' at Yishun coffee shop

Submitted by Stomper Someone

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A man was disgusted to be greeted by the sight of vomit when he visited the restroom at a coffee shop in Yishun on late Friday night (April 30).

Stomper Someone said he had been having supper at the S-11 coffee-shop at Block 744 Yishun Street 72 at close to midnight.

He was appalled when he discovered that someone had puked into the toilet sink.

The Stomper said: "To the owner of this vomit. Please, if you cannot drink as much, please do not jio your friends to drink fast beer. Ego? Dignity? Or haolian?

"You vomited all your dinner out after fast drinking due to restrictions of no alcohol allowed after 10.30pm.

"By doing so, not only waste money, but throw face (in front of anyone who knows you). You are also hurting your own health.

"The next day might have been a public holiday but please do not make the elderly cleaner clear your mess ok.

"Seriously! I am a drinker but have never once drank until I vomited. A good drinker will know their limits. That's what we call 'ethical drinking'.

"I am below 40 years old. If you are older than me, please reflect. If you are younger than me, please reflect.

"Choose the correct friend or drinking buddy. A good drinking buddy who takes care of you seriously will know your limit. Otherwise, they are a scum buddy."