Stomper thanks stranger and staffer at The Cafe Lobby in Tuas for finding, returning friend's wallet

Submitted by Stomper Harris

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Harris wanted to share how grateful he is to the staff at The Cafe Lobby at 21 Tuas Avenue 13 for finding and returning his colleague's wallet.

Harris and two of his colleagues had visited the coffeeshop yesterday (Nov 23) afternoon to take shelter from the pouring rain.

Once the rain eased up they left the venue to go back to work.

"Three hours later, one of my colleagues realised that he had left his wallet at the coffeeshop," said the Stomper.

"We immediately called The Cafe Lobby to ask if anyone had found a wallet.

"The man on the phone said that someone had found the wallet earlier and passed it to him."

He told Harris to come back the next morning before 8.30am to collect it from him.

"Wow! We are glad and thankful that there are honest people in Singapore. We are lost for words to whoever you are! Godspeed and God bless!"