Stomper surprised at how different Burger King's Tendergrill chicken burger is now: Here's why

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper was surprised when she ordered her favourite Tendergrill chicken burger from a Burger King restaurant at KINEX shopping mall for lunch on Jan 12.

She told Stomp she noticed it was 'lighter than usual' and approached the counter to ask if her burger was the right one.

She was then offered an exchange and received another burger with what she described as 'half-chopped pieces of chicken'.

"When I showed it to the staff, she said now all the chicken burgers are like this and offered to change it to a beef burger instead."

The Stomper added that the Tendergrill chicken burger is her go-to order.

When asked how the one she got compared to those she had gotten in the past, she said: "Wa super different!

"That's the only thing I will order from Burger King.

"It is usually a chicken thigh patty, like a fat piece of chicken."

In response to a Stomp query, a Burger King spokesman explained why the burger is a little different now.

"Since Q3 last year, our supplier informed us that the raw material for our Tendergrill chicken patty is below the standard size," the spokesman said.

"Hence, we have been serving two pieces of the patty instead of the usual one piece so that customers can still get to enjoy the burger.

"Our supply chain team is working closely with our supplier and hopefully we can resume back to the original serving."