Stomper 'strikes gold' while shopping at Sheng Siong supermarket in Khatib

Submitted by Stomper Bugatti

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While shopping for groceries with his wife at a Sheng Siong Supermarket branch in Khatib on Monday (March 12), Stomper Bugatti came across an interesting fish. 

The fish, identified as a golden flounder by the sign placed on its tank, was coloured a striking yellow. 

Bugatti was intrigued as it the first time he had seen such a creature.

He said: "I think it must be very rare or something. I’ve never seen a fish like that.

"It’s completely flat! I thought the fish was injured at first. 

Asked if he considered buying the fish, Bugatti replied: "The colour is attractive, but it costs $188!

"That’s too expensive."

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