Stomper starstruck by crescent moon and Venus together: 'It is the most blissful day of Ramadan'

Submitted by Stomper Norain, Ian, Harry, Sabre Cruz

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It might look like an extra bright star near the moon on Friday night (March 24), but the star was the planet Venus – the brightest natural object that can be seen in the sky with the naked eye, apart from the sun and moon.

And they were not actually near each other at all. The moon is about 375,700km from Earth while Venus is 185 million km away.

Several Stompers shared photos of the rare celestial pairing, including Stomper Harry, who said: "Nice crescent with Venus."

Sharing a photo taken from his apartment at 8.15pm, Stomper Ian joked: "Plane landing on moon?"

Stomper Norain's photo was taken at Sengkang South.

She said: "We just came out from the LRT station when we saw a crowd taking pictures. My family and I were not aware of what was happening, but when we joined the crowd and looked up, it was there – beautiful Venus and the crescent moon.

"It is the most blissful day of Ramadan as we could watch the spectacular moment in the sky."

Besides sharing a photo, Stomper Sabre Cruz also shared a link to an article about other planets lining up with the moon in coming days.

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