Stomper spends almost a year collecting $2k worth of arcade tickets -- only for man to take them

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Update on Nov 8:

The man has returned Stomper Sharon's tickets.

Read the full update here: Man returns $2k worth of arcade tickets to Stomper after being caught on video

Original article:

Stomper Sharon invested sweat, time and money to accumulate around 300,000 arcade tickets over a period of 11 months -- only for a man to get away with her haul.

Sharon said she and her husband have spent around $2,000 on the tickets, which they started collecting in January this year.

They were planning to exchange the tickets for an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

However, the couple's dreams were dashed when a man took their paper bag containing the tickets.

The incident occurred at Suntec City on Tuesday night (Nov 6), at around 8.30pm.

Sharon, who contributed CCTV footage showing the man in the act, described what happened: "I was at an arcade machine and placed the paper bag on the floor near me.

"The machine, which was in the middle of two other machines, kept having problems so my husband went to the first machine while I went to look for an employee.

"The employee came over and as he had to check the middle machine, moved my paper bag further and further towards the third machine."

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Sharon told Stomp: "You can see that the man had noticed my tickets and the paper bag. He kept looking, then sat down on a chair and called a woman over."

In the video, the woman can be seen going towards the man and looking at Sharon's paper bag.

While a staff member was assisting Sharon, the woman bent down to pick up the paper bag and placed it closer to the man.

The man then took the paper bag, stood up and walked off, with the woman following behind him shortly afterwards.

Sharon added: "You can see from the video that the man had the intention to take my item.

"I hope that he will see this post on Stomp and contact me before I make a police report."

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