Stomper shares 'near-death encounter' after biting into 'rusty metal' in vegetarian meal

Submitted by Stomper Racle

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A Stomper shared her "near-death encounter" after she found a piece of metal in food she had ordered from a vegetarian stall at a food court in Punggol.

Stomper Racle said: "I packed my lunch and dinner from Guang Yuan Vegetarian at Gourmet Paradise food court at Oasis Terraces on Aug 7."

"At dinner time, I was chewing my food and felt a hard thing on my tongue.

"I spit it out and found it was a piece of black and rusty metal.

"It was very solid and hard and measured 2.7cm long.

"I count myself lucky for not swallowing that thing, it could have poked into my throat wall or worse, poke into my intestine wall and I would have had to rush to the A&E.

"Eating can cause death too if we don't pay attention to the food we are eating.

"I just hope that my story is shared out to highlight the importance of being alert when eating.

"A little attention can save our own life."