Stomper sees man eating scraps at People's Park Food Centre, gives him $10 for lunch

Submitted by Stomper Francis

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A Good Samaritan gave $10 to a man who was seen eating food scraps at People's Park Food Centre on Monday morning (Aug 30).

Stomper Francis said he spotted the man looking for leftover food at the hawker centre's tray-return station at around 11.20am.

He recounted: "He was looking for food and ate the scraps.

"I gave him $10 for his lunch and told him to discard the scraps.

"He responded by cupping his hands together and bowing. His eyes were almost teary. I believe my actions made his day."

Francis said that it was his first time encountering the man. However, he believes that the man hunts for food scraps at the hawker centre "regularly".

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