Stomper sees filming crew one week after spotting Daren Tan at same Hougang hawker centre

Submitted by Stomper Anson

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Ci Yuan Hawker Centre in Hougang appears to be a popular location for filming.

Exactly one week after spotting actor Daren Tan shooting a scene at the hawker centre, Stomper Anson saw another crew filming at the same place on Tuesday afternoon (Apr 23).

He was there at about 3.30pm to buy chendol from his favourite stall when he saw the crew.

"I was disappointed but surprised at the same time," he said.

"I was disappointed that I could not buy anything from the stall even though it was open but surprised that I had the opportunity to observe how filming is done.

"It's exciting to hear the director say 'action" a few time!"

Anson added that he did not recognise any of the talents and did not know what kind of show was being filmed.

"Life is like a play and play is a reflection of life," he said.

"During the time I was there, it was like a collision of reel and real life all in the same setting at the hawker centre.

"I'm also an actor with multiple roles: father, son, son-in-law, husband, citizen journalist, nurse, patient (when I'm sick), nature lover, photographer, collector and avid reader.

"The only difference is there is no NG (no-good) on my part... I can't rewind, delete or rectify whatever that has happened to me."