Family of otters fight over fish and bask under the sun at Chinese Garden

Submitted by Stomper Casey

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Stomper Casey was out for a walk with his granddaughter at about 12pm on Aug 17 at the Chinese Garden when he saw a family of otters enjoying their day out as well.

Despite frequenting the garden at least once or twice a week, it was Casey's first time seeing otters there.

In videos and photos shared by Casey, otters are seen wriggling on the grass and running around.

At one point in the video, they are also seen fighting over a fish.

Casey said: "My granddaughter was very happy and shocked when she saw the otters. There were 10 otters, I counted.

"I saw them catching fish, swimming, and frolicking on the grass. I also saw them fighting over a fish, it was amazing. They stayed for about an hour.

"No one disturbed them but a guy tried feeding them bread and I stopped him because otters eat fish, where got eat bread?

"And I was also afraid that the otters might leave if he went to disturb them."

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