Stomper receives text asking him to transfer $20,000 or his family will be 'kidnapped'

Submitted by Stomper Wang

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Stomper Wang received a message via WhatsApp at 7.51pm last night (Nov 7), asking that he transfer $20,000 to a bank account or the sender would 'kidnap' his family.

The message, which was accompanied by a photo of a man, was sent from a number with starting with +91, which is the country code for India.

It reads: "I have all the details! If tonight you never banking 20K into this acc, i will kidnap your family!! Don't believe? You can try challenge!! After banking call and let me know!! Final warning!! (sic)"

The sender also provided a name, Singaporean Identification Card number, a Singaporean mobile phone number and a bank account number.

Stomper Wang said: "I hope to warn others about this scam/spam."