Stomper raves about SMRT bus captain's top-class service

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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The service provided by an SMRT bus captain has left a lasting impression on a Stomper.

The Stomper shared with Stomp that he is a frequent commuter of bus service 913 and often meets the bus captain, although he does not know his name.

"He is on PM duty and I take his bus frequently," said the Stomper.

"He is extremely friendly and will always wait for elderly commuters to sit down before moving off.

"He also keeps his bus clean.

"He said that he is inspired by fellow bus captain Khairulshafiq who has been featured on Stomp twice."

The Stomper added that it makes a "huge difference" when a bus captain greets you with a "good afternoon, welcome aboard" when you board a bus.

"It makes commuters like me feel welcomed to travel with SMRT.

"Kudos to him and his top-class service!

"Not many bus captains are as thoughtful as him. Well done!"