Stomper praises SCDF's social media team: 'For firefighters, they're really good at burning people'

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Stomper Phan is so amused by a meme created by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) that he is even thinking of starting a petition to find out the person behind the witty postings on SCDF's social media pages.

The post on SCDF's Facebook page was a reminder to the public on what to do if their clothes were to ever catch fire.

As it is the World Cup season, SCDF referenced this reminder to Neymar, a Brazilian professional footballer, who is renowned for faking his injuries during matches and rolling on the ground.

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Phan said: "Please show us the face behind this. The recent posting on the World Cup made me laugh so hard.

"Netizens are wondering if a promotion is due.

"I'm constantly amazed how they are able to come up with such witty content. It makes me want to match a face to the person even more.

"Also, for firefighters, they are really good at burning people. Lol."

Several netizens also praised SCDF for their humour in the comment thread.

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