Stomper ponders over ladder on roof awning in Changi Village: 'This is Ladder Village'

Submitted by Stomper Mathen

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What? How? Why?

Have you ever gone past something and wondered why it was there?

Stomper Mathen did.

He spotted a ladder on the roof awning surrounded by birds at Block 5 Changi Village Road and felt compelled to take a picture of it.

While others may merely see a ladder being stored there by someone on the second storey, the Stomper beheld an existential paradox.

"Normally, we climb on the roof while the ladder is on the ground, but the ladder is on the roof, how am I going to climb now?" he pondered.

Do you have an answer for him?

Perhaps a better question is whether the ladder could fall off the awning as it would then be a safety hazard.

"This is not Changi Village," said the Stomper enigmatically.

"This is Ladder Village."