Stomper orders stepladder via Shopee but receives piece of cardboard instead

Submitted by Stomper Gen

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Update on May 5:

Shopee seller suspended after sending customer cardboard instead of ladder, says he was on MC

Original article:

A woman was shocked when she ordered a stepladder via online marketplace Shopee only to receive a piece of cardboard.

Stomper Gen shared with Stomp that she paid a seller $39.90 for the stepladder.

On Apr 30, she received small package that stated on its label that it contained a "stool step foldable ladder household".

Obviously, the package did not contain a ladder.

Gen messaged the seller: "Hi, what did you send me? A piece of paper?"

She said she has since requested a full refund but has yet to receive a reply.

"I hope this seller will be banned from selling," she said.

This is not the first time someone has received cardboard from an online seller.

In February, another Stomper received three pieces of cardboard after purchasing disinfecting spray guns via Lazada.