Stomper makes 'precious' discovery at Pearl’s Hill City Rd

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lap

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Stomper Lau Lap was strolling along Pearl’s Hill City Road yesterday morning (Sept 6) between 10am and 11am, when he came across a cluster of bracket mushroom growing below some ferns.

Amazed at their size and coloration, Lau Lap plucked the largest of the lot and took a photo.

Browsing photos of fungi online, Lau Lap realised that the fungi could be the expensive Lingzhi mushroom, a species of expensive fungi traditionally served as a tonic. 

He subsequently showed the photos to a staffer at a Chinese medicine shop and other nature lovers, who agreed that it could be Lingzhi.

Said Lau Lap:

“It’s my first time going to Pearl’s Hill City Park and seeing this sort of mushroom.”