Stomper makes police report after 'cheapskate' driver tailgates car out of Canberra Street carpark

Submitted by Stomper Sara

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A driver was caught on video tailgating another car out of a carpark near Block 104 Canberra Street on Sep 4 at about 11.15pm.

Stomper Sara shared with Stomp footage taken from her husband's in-car camera of a white car with licence plate number SLK9471P following his car very closely as he was exiting the carpark.

"I'm sick and tired of irresponsible drivers who tailgate others out of carparks," she said,

She also called the driver in the video is a "cheapskate".

Sara shared that she has since made a police report of the incident and believes this is not the first time the driver has "tried to cheat the law by not paying for the duration he or she has parked the car".