Stomper Lau Lup spots wasp fighting with cockroach in Boon Keng: Guess who won

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup spotted a wasp subduing a cockroach on the ground at a wet market beside Block 34 near Boon Keng MRT Station at Serangoon Road on Oct 4 at about 1.30pm.

Lau Lup had just finished his lunch when he came across the unusual sight.

In the first few seconds of a video he shared with Stomp, the wasp can be seen struggling with a cockroach in what appeared to be an attempt to subdue it.

The cockroach did not appear to put up much of a struggle and was eventually seen to lay motionless while the wasp continued to crawl around it.

Towards the end of the video, the wasp then crawled away with the cockroach lying completely motionless on its side.

"This is a very unique sight," Lau Lup said to Stomp in a phone interview.

"I had just finished my lunch when I came across these two insects on the ground.

"I believe the wasp is trying to kill the cockroach so that it can lay its eggs on the cockroach's body.

"This is the first time I am seeing such a thing."