Stomper Kannan back at it again with gorgeous photos of the moon -- plus Saturn and Mars

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Stomper Kannan has written in to Stomp to announce the appearance of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars over the next few days and throughout the month of September.

However, the visibility of the planets depends on weather conditions and how clear the sky is.

In photos taken by Kannan, an earthshine, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Sagittarius and Scorpio Constellation, as well as the moon are seen.

Kannan said: "The waxing crescent moon will sweep past the planets and will be full a few days after passing Mars.

"Yesterday (Sep 12), Venus was spotted appearing near the Moon, with Jupiter above them.

"The three celestial bodies were looking so beautiful in the night skies.

"And just near Saturn, the Scorpio and Sagittarius constellation can also be seen from their distinct shape formed by the stars.

"The earthshine on the waxing crescent moon was also evident yesterday.

(Photo of an earthshine: caused by the dim illumination of the otherwise dark side of the Moon by this indirect sunlight)

"The photos were taken from Woodlands between 8 to 9 pm."

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