Stomper joins 'ridiculously long' queue at 3am to apply for China visa to find he's 105th in line

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He thought he could beat the queue by being early.

A man went to apply for a Chinese visa at 3am only to find 104 people already in front of him on Wednesday morning (May 3).

Stomper Jeremy shared photos of the "ridiculously long" line snaking from the entrance of 80 Robinson Road, where the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre is located.

"The queue started as early as 6pm the day before. I arrived at 3am and I was already the 105th person in the queue," said the Stomper.

A TikTok user named bernardlow6 also posted a 49-second video showing the long line of people waiting outside the building at 6.21am the same morning.


The Chinese Embassy in Singapore had resumed issuing all types of visas to foreigners from March 15, after nearly three years of Covid-19 travel restrictions, reported The Straits Times.

China suspended issuing visas to foreigners in March 2020.

The 15-day, visa-free facility for Singaporeans travelling to China was also suspended, but it has not been resumed.

Those with visas issued before March 28, 2020, that are still valid will be allowed entry into China.

The updated policy will also allow for the resumption of visa-free travel to Hainan island and for tourists arriving in cruise ships to Shanghai.

Travellers from Hong Kong and Macau will be allowed visa-free entry to the southern manufacturing hub of Guangdong, while tourist groups from the Asean regional grouping can enter Guilin in Guangxi without a visa.