Stomper in KL sees man beaten with 'pliers and steel stick', tied to car by large group of guys

Submitted by Stomper Eve

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A man in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was physically assaulted by several other guys after being accused of stealing yesterday afternoon (Jun 3).

Stomper Eve witnessed the incident, which took place in the Taman Maluri, Cheras area at around 2.40pm, and took a video showing the altercation.

According to her, onlookers called the police, who arrived just as the men fled.

She recounted:

"I heard some arguing in front of my apartment. I think this fight started about 30 minutes before I started taking a video.

"There was a bunch of guys who kept beating this man with pliers and a steel stick.

"I believe this guy was staying at the Hotel Dragon Inn and he wanted to go in.

"They were too violent and I was too scared to take out my phone earlier.

"Few people around me called the police but only came after 30 minutes later.

"When we onlookers yelled at the guy who tried to tie the victim up and drag him by the car, they said that this guy deserved to die as he had stolen their phone and it was hard earned money. They asked us not to interfere.

"Thank god, there was one other guy who stepped up and calmed them down before the police arrived.

"But I saw the men hide orange rope and driving away in the car right after the police came. The scene cleared after 3pm."

In the video, several men can be seen raining blows on a shirtless man. They also tied him to a car that then started to drive away, but the vehicle stopped after onlookers intervened by shouting out to the group.