Stomper hunting for 'coin' at One Punggol finds this unique creature instead

Submitted by Stomper Aud

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She was hunting the mouse but ended up catching a cat... erpillar.

Stomper Aud was taking part in a nationwide game called Pandamart #HuntTheMouse where players locate coins hidden around Singapore to exchange them for cash.

There are one hundred $500 silver coins and one $50,000 gold coin to be found.

Organised by a company called Sqkii, the game started on Thursday (March 9) and ends on April 8.

A day after the start of the hunt, the Stomper was at One Punggol.

"I was trying to find the Sqkii coin around the area," she said.

She went to the garden and saw something she described as "unique" among the rocks and plants.

"Is it some kind of caterpillar? Not quite sure," said the Stomper, who shared a video of the furry little creature crawling around a small tree trunk.

It appears to be the caterpillar of the tussock moth.

There are many different kinds of tussock moths. While the male adult tussock moth can fly, the female is flightless.

Below is what one species of an adult male tussock moth in Singapore looks like.

tussock moth (male), Lymantria sp., Singapore

Posted by Marcus Ng on Saturday, January 13, 2018


In the end, the Stomper did not find the coin. Too bad the game is not #HuntTheMoth.