Stomper gets scratched and her hair pulled by man after wanting to help crying woman on road

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Update on March 25:

Man chasing crying woman in viral video to be charged with public nuisance and other offences

Original article:

A woman was allegedly attacked by a man when she wanted to help a crying woman he was chasing.

Sharing a video of the incident, Stomper M said it happened near the junction of Selegie Road and Serangoon Road early Sunday morning (March 19).

"My husband and I were on our way to Tekka Centre for breakfast," said the Stomper. "We saw a stationary vehicle without hazard lights on the leftmost lane.

"A lady was helplessly crying and running around a BMW M4 trying to get away from a furious man who was chasing her.

"He grabbed hold of her multiple times by the hair and started hitting her vigorously and forced her inside the car. There were two other girls in the back seat of the car.

"Many cars stopped before the commotion and it was causing a hindrance to other drivers. Whenever a car stopped to check what was going on, the man opened their car door, started hurling vulgarities and tried to meddle with the dashboard camera.

"Being a good Samaritan and wanting to help the poor lady, we immediately called for the police and the man noticed it.

"When I was trying to capture him on video chasing and hitting the lady, he approached me. Unfortunately, my car window was down and he managed to get his hands inside my car to reach for my handphone.

"When he failed, he pulled my hair multiple times and scratched my chest area with my dress buttons popping out and my arms being scratched.

"My husband then took off to escape further damage, but the man punched the back mirror and continuously attacked the car.

"My husband went straight to Tekka Centre, Race Course Road, Bukit Timah junction and stopped at Sungei Road.

"The man saw our car once again and ran from where his car was to our car and started to hit the rearview mirrors and bonnet glass panel which caused damage.

"All we wanted to do was to help a lady who was getting abused on the road, but this guy started to bully and attack whoever came to help her."

The Stomper said the man had left before the police arrived.

In response to a Stomp query, police said: "On March 19 at about 6am, the police received a call for assistance at the junction of Sungei Road and Serangoon Road. Police investigations are ongoing."

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