Stomper gets into heated argument with condo security guard, police alerted to a case of rash act

Submitted by Stomper Sedik

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Update on Feb 24:

The Uber Eats rider has been arrested for a rash act

Original story:

The police were alerted after a heated argument broke out between an Uber Eats rider and a security officer at The Canopy condominium in Yishun on Thursday (Feb 22), at around

Stomper Sedik, the Uber Eats rider, told Stomp in a phone interview that he had gotten into a dispute after the guard attempted to stop him from leaving via the main entrance upon making his delivery. 

After Sedik arrived at the guardhouse at the main entrance of the condominium, he told a security guard that he wanted to drop off a delivery in one of the units. 

According to Sedik, the guard was very rude and told that he cannot go in. 

The two then got into an argument, with Sedik citing that he has done many deliveries to other condominiums but has never had any issues. 

The guard then changed his mind and granted Sedik entry. 

After making the delivery, Sedik was about to exit the premises, when the same guard suddenly approached him.

He told Sedik that he was not supposed to exit the premises via the main entrance. 

An altercation broke out, with Sedik whipping out his phone to take a video of the incident. 

Said Sedik:

“It was so screwed up. He just came up close to me and prevented me from getting to my e-scooter. 

“I wanted to leave, but he came up to my face scolded me.

“He spoke some parts in Mandarin so I couldn’t understand all of it.”

In the video taken by Sedik, he could be heard asking the guard to move.

“Now what you want? Excuse me, please move. Please move.”

However, the security guard refused to budge, standing between Sedik and his scooter.

Sedik then asked the guard, “Why are you finding problems with me? I want to stand there. Move, move move.”

The guard replied, “Your grandfather’s place arh?”, as he inched closer to Sedik.

Sedik slowly backed away, asking the guard why he was scolding him, but the guard said that he was merely asking a question, not scolding him. 

Sedik tried to reason with the man again, adding:

“You don’t expect me to stand at the road here and say cannot move.”

The guard does not reply. simply showing Sedik a peace sign with his left hand. 

When Sedik attempted to get to his slippers, the guard kicked them to the side, astill displaying a peace sign. 

The video then ends abruptly. 

In response to a Stomp query, a police spokesman said:

"On Feb 22, at 10.33am, the police were alerted to a case of rash act at 71 Yishun Avenue 11. 

"A 27-year-old man was arrested in relation to the case. Police investigations are ongoing.”

Stomp understands that the rash act was committed by Sedik, and he had collided into the security guard while riding his e-scooter.

Stomp has contacted The Canopy condominium for a response for the incident, but they have declined to comment as the case is currently under investigation. 

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