Stomper amused by teens going up and down JEM's travelators to count tigers -- but it's actually a contest

Submitted by Stomper Yvonne

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Stomper Yvonne was at JEM shopping mall at about 5.30pm on Monday (Sep 9) when she spotted a group of teenagers counting tigers along a travellator.

She also contributed videos and a photo of what she saw.

Yvonne told Stomp: "There were about five to six of them going up and down to count tigers on the sides of the travellator.

"I don't know what's going on but it's hilarious."

Apparently, the counting of tigers has something to do with a contest being run by R&B Tea Singapore.

According to their website, "R&B is a new tea concept that aims to redefine the bubble tea experience in Singapore."

The contest requires participants to count the number of tigers on the travellator from B1 to L1 at JEM so they can stand a chance to win $200 worth of R&B Tea vouchers.

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