JTC Corporation investigating after Stomper finds paper stuffing in wall above lift at Ubi block

Submitted by Stomper Ben

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JTC Corporation said that the act of stuffing various materials in a wall above a lift in Ubi was unacceptable and is now investigating the matter, it told Stomp in response to queries.

Stomper Ben spotted the stuffing near the top of the lift at Block 3016 Ubi Road 1 on Nov 30. He then sent several photos to Stomp.

The photos show various types of stuffing, including paper bags, cardboard and brown scraps of paper.

The lift has been undergoing a lift replacement project, but Ben was concerned that safety practices were not being followed.

In response to a Stomp media query, JTC Corporation said: "The stuffing of paper in the wall above the lift is not an acceptable method.

"We are investigating the matter and will take the necessary action should errant behaviour be found.

"There are no structural safety concerns.

"As there is currently an ongoing lift replacement project for all the lifts in the building, the exposed portion of the wall in question will be removed in order to accommodate the increased height of the new lift."

After being updated on the progress of his discovery, Ben thanked Stomp for alerting JTC Corporation to the matter.