Stomper finds out if it's cheaper to book Grab or flag down taxi for same journey at same time

Submitted by Stomper Sophia

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Since ride-hailing apps like Grab arrived in Singapore, passengers have enjoyed competitive prices.

However, since Uber's exit, some are noticing that that promo codes offering discounts on rides have become less frequent and ride fares have increased slightly.

Stomper Sophia was curious about how much a taxi ride from her home at Henderson Road to her office at Pioneer Centre would cost compared to if she booked her journey through Grab.

"When my husband does not send me to work, I always take Grab," said Sophia who has been working at her current job for over a year.

"Usually, it will cost me $12 to $13 but when I opened the app on Thursday (Aug 30) past 11am, I was surprised to see it would cost me $16," she said.

"I remember the prices used to be quite competitive but they recently went up.

That is when she decided to take a taxi out of curiosity.

Sophia hailed a cab at 11.31am. When she arrived at her destination 21 minutes later, her taxi fare was $14.20.

"Look at the difference in prices," she said.

"Some people might say the Grab price was higher because it was peak period but it was neither early morning nor lunchtime."

"I just wanted to share some truth to help these taxi uncles."

Update on Sep 5:

After reading Stomp's report, Stomper Sonia shared she too has noticed Grab fares have increased since Uber's exit from the ride-hailing market.

She said: "I used to take Grab because of the promo [and] it was a reasonable fare but realise[d] since Uber is no longer in service I have been taking cab[s] [because] Grab fare[s] are higher [at] any time of the day."

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