Stomper finds 2 abandoned hamsters in bushes after seeing discarded tank at Tanglin Halt Road

Submitted by Stomper Bells

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Stomper Bells was on her way home at 10.30pm on Aug 19 when she noticed a hamster tank beside the lift lobby of Block 38 Tanglin Halt Road.

Hence, she searched the whole area to find the hamsters.

This was the second time Bells has come across abandoned hamsters.

On Oct 3 last year, she found 12 hamsters at the foot of Block 38 Tanglin Halt Road and saved 11 of them, as one died after being attacked by a cat.

Following her latest discovery, she told Stomp: "I noticed hamster items that were thrown away next to the dustbin beside the lift lobby.

"So I walked around the same bushes where I found the hamsters on Oct 3, and this time I found two hamsters in the bushes.

"I also searched the whole area using the flashlight from my phone, in case I missed any of them.

"After searching for 50 minutes, I only found the two hamsters so I took them home to clean them up. They looked really skinny but nevertheless didn't seem to be injured.

"I then contacted my friends and one of them adopted the hamsters."

Bells said that she was angry and sad upon finding abandoned hamsters again.

"I hope that the public will take the issue of abandonment of pets seriously and be responsible as a pet owner."