Stomper enchanted by sight of growing Bishan otter family: "The miracle continues"

Submitted by Stomper Pinto Virdi

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Stomper Pinto Virdi was delighted to see the popular Bishan otter family in Bishan Park on Wednesday morning (Dec 18).

He shared with Stomp a video he took of the group running on the grass, including both adult otters and pups.

He said: "While I was walking in Bishan Park, I saw this 'miracle' right before my eyes: Behold the cute Bishan otter family was right in front of me.

"They were enjoying the heavy downpour and trodding briskly in the park.

"The number of otters has definitely increased to around 15 or more and that's great news for people who love them and want their family to grow.

"The amazing Bishan Park is an oasis of greenery in the concrete jungle and I am happy to see so much nature, flora and fauna right here in the heart of the city.

"Kudos to the park authorities for bringing Mother Nature right to our doorsteps."