Stomper 'confused' about whether to give way to motorcyclist at zebra crossing

Submitted by Stomper KC

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A motorcycle was seen to be waiting at the zebra crossing, not on the road, but on the pavement on Oct 24 at 5.25pm.

Stomper KC's in-car camera captured a video of the incident while he was driving to Fajar Hill in Bukit Panjang.

In the video he sent Stomp, he approaches a zebra crossing before turning left.

He said: "I was confused when I saw the motorcycle. Was I supposed to give way?"

On the pavement, where pedestrians wait to cross the road, a motorcyclist waits for his turn to cross the road.

Before KC, another car passes the zebra crossing.

KC said: "I think the motorcyclist should not be using the zebra crossing to cross the road.

"He has clearly violated the traffic rules and this act is dangerous for himself and other road users."

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