Stomper conducts 'sting operation' to capture prohibited activities in nature reserves

Submitted by Stomper Ben Lee

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Stomper Ben Lee carried out a 'sting operation' while at Kranji Marshes and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve on Sunday (Sep 23) at 4pm, and captured people taking their dogs for a walk and people riding their e-bikes.

This is not the first time Ben has spotted such activities at the nature reserves.

Just last week, he had sent Stomp pictures of people taking their dogs for a walk and riding their e-scooters

On Sunday, at 4pm, he was at Kranji Marshes, one of the largest freshwater marshes in Singapore when he saw a lady riding an e-bike, which is prohibited.


Ben, the founder of Nature Trekker, a nature conservation organisation said:" I was surprised when I saw it. Usually people sneak in their e-scooters in and out of the place. But, as for the e-bike, it can be seen so obviously!"

After going to Kranji Marshes, he visited the Central Catchment Nature Reserve where he spotted people cycling and taking their dogs for a walk just before 6pm.

"The last time, when I went to Sungei Buloh, I saw a big dog. Today at the Central Catchment area, I see a small dog. It is not right to let this continue happening."

Ben feels that more awareness needs to be created regarding conserving the nature reserves in Singapore. 

He also notes that most of these prohibited activities are carried out between 4pm to 6pm, instead of the 10am to 12pm when most people visit the reserves.

Ben added that: "More must be done to ensure that the rules of the parks are enforced."